lunes, 23 de abril de 2012

Letter to myself.

Where the sun is dark and the moon doesn't shine. Where the lady in black curses everyone out. Craziness is not an option, but a fact. I wonder if someday i'll get out of this place. The voices in my head, they say your name, Screams and laughs, faking it. The rose you gave me rots in my hand. My skin turns gray, and old and pale. Your last words: "I'm sorry", in my brain. You might be sorry, but i can't forgive you. I can only remember your face blurred by my tears. Your one-sided smile, making fun of my pain, pretending to understand. You don't understand a thing. Your world is perfect, mine dissapears everytime i think of you. Your promises covered in white, so you can start lying again. Who will you lie this time to? You, cold hearted bitch, the ice-queen from my dreams. The first time i met you i thought you were unreachable. Now i know i wasn't wrong.