domingo, 1 de abril de 2012


Your skin against mine, fire everywhere. We are burning our own world, our own place.
Your kisses on my neck, my nails down your back. I can't think about a better way to die. Die in sin? Maybe. Die in desire.
Your lips have the taste of wine. Wine tastes much better in you. My heartbeats go faster everytime I feel your hands. Your breathing gets heavier and suddenly I lost track of time. I can only see stars: your eyes.
Your mouth on my shoulders. I just don't want this to end. I've never felt more yours than I do now. My heart, my body, my self, everything belongs to you right now. Maybe not after we say "good-bye" and go back to our lives, but at this moment, there'snothing else to think about. Everytime I meet you here, at 310, the rest of the world dissapear. It vanishes in your chest. I wish time could stop, just freeze in this room.

I wish I could always feel this way.

2 comentarios:

Marta Annie. dijo...

Tienes un blog precioso *.*

ReinaDelCaos dijo...

Gracias, Marta Annie!! Qué lindo que pienses así.